The Sippy Cup Saga

I honestly think that Xavier likes to play with my and his father’s emotions. He’ll rebel for a second but when we’re like it’s the real deal, he’ll get it down and he’s good after that. Sleep training, I can say has been a success. He sleeps in his crib. He goes to bed the same time pretty much every night. Every now and then, he’ll cry but it’ll be for a few minutes and then he’s out.

The Sippy Cup Saga. Transitioning him to a sippy cup from a baby bottle felt like a large room full of doors, all colors and sizes. We just had to find the right door or cup. We tried. To our pediatrician, we really did try. She was telling us since before he turned one that we needed to reach that point of getting him off the bottle and onto the sippy cup. We must have tried every sippy cup out there and every time we would sit it in front of him, let the screaming battle begin.

tommy pickles and cup
Tommy Pickles from Rugrats

At first we were picking up cups that had the two handles on the sides. Nope. We tried ones that had a pretty smooth flow when drinking. Wrong again. We tried a small cup. He threw it. We tried a colorful cup that looked a cup of noodles. He screamed at it. We even tried the Miracle 360 training cup! He didn’t care for it too much but I think we’ll come back to that one in the next few months. He just wasn’t having it. Finally I was at Walmart and I thought we need to tackle this from another direction. Let’s try to find one that resembles a baby bottle. Cassandra, you’re a genius. That is until I read one of my new mommy books and it basically said Try to find a sippy cup that resembles what they’re used to. I picked up the Munchkin Sippy Cup.


Nothing really special about it. It has a click to lock lid, spill-proof which is very nice, no handles so he held it like the bottle. For some reason, he liked this particular one. He took to it pretty quickly and recognizes that this is what he’ll get, not a bottle. It’s been a full week of drinking from this sippy cup and so far so good.

P.S. I’m going to slowly ease in the sippy cup with the straw. Same brand and look but with a straw. I’ll keep you guys updated. 


Credit: Tommy Pickles -Rugrats


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