Green Locs with Green Thumbs?

I can honestly say that I love nature, flowers and plants, learning how they grow and experience life within them. I told my husband this and he thought that meant hiking and camping. I like to hike short distances but I’m such a dreamer that I would be in the forest thinking I saw a fairy when it was really a glare from the sun on a tree branch. I’m weird like that. I do love flowers and learning about the different kinds. So much so that I decided that I wanted to start a garden. Of course when I told people, they immediately were like what are you planting -tomatoes, green beans, carrots, what? I gave my usual shy chuckle and informed them no I’m going to start with flowers. We have a house now and I want to see flowers bloom and smile and say I did that. Last year I planted bulbs for the first time. They were mixed dahlias and mixed gladiolus. I thought it would be cute to have them all mixed up. Nope. It looked very crazy but it was laughable. I enjoyed seeing the progress of their growth.

This year, I’ve told my husband that I want to grow sunflowers on one side of the backyard and towards the back, butterfly bushes! In my head, I’m envisioning my son and I playing and all of a sudden, a kaleidoscope of butterflies will come and fly over to us and dance around us like…butterflies! I know -I’m such a hippie (insert laughing hysterically) but I love all of that. Plus, do I even have to explain the sunflowers? So that’s the plan. Right now though, I’m starting with indoor plants. I’ve got an aloe vera plant, a spider plant and a snake plant. I love having more greenery in the house. It feels more homey and grounded. I’ll post when I officially plant the sunflowers and the butterfly bushes. I might even dance like a gypsy. My neighbors might call the cops on the strange green loc’d woman. I’ll just meditate and do some yoga. Until next time.

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