10 things to do during the 2 week wait

The two week wait from ovulation to either your period or a positive pregnancy test can be torture. I’m not going to lie. It’s tough because you’re constantly thinking and wondering and pondering and guessing and worrying if you are pregnant and how happy you’ll be to see the double lines. You can think about it so much and so hard that you might conjure up freaking pregnancy symptoms thus making you think you are. I hate every stinking bit of it and wish that I nor anyone else had to go through it. To avoid all of that, I’ve listed 10 things I do (or have done) to not think about it, keep my mind off it and pretty much avoid it all together.

  • Exercise
  • Paint an accent wall
  • Go through old clothes and take them to Goodwill (This will easily take two weeks. One week of sorting and the second week of having the bags in your car to eventually take them to Goodwill)
  • Binge watch Criminal Minds on Netflix. I’ve been on a Law & Order SVU kick lately. I miss Stabler.
  • Learn something new. Youtube has a tutorial video for just about everything. I just read about a woman building her entire house frame by frame just by watching Youtube videos.
  • Meditate and/or do yoga in a class. You’ll meet people, talk and before you know it, two weeks have passed.
  • Go through one of your favorite musical artists’ catalogs, reminisce and dance. For me, it would be Prince, Janet Jackson and most of the 90s music. Think about the songs that you could go back to. Relearn the lyrics and make yourself dance in the mirror. This is a two for one. Dancing makes you smile and it gets you moving. (P.S. If you do pick Prince for this, it’ll more than likely be longer than two weeks. The brotha made thousands of songs so you’ll be occupied.)
  • Declutter your social media -I can honestly say that I need to do this. I have over 5000 emails in my personal emails. I have over 4000 emails in my work email. I have way too many Facebook, Instagram and Twitter friends that I don’t speak to. I have pictures that I saved from Pinterest that’s on my phone I don’t need anymore. Just clutter. Get rid of it.
  • Volunteer yourself. Do you know someone who is moving? Do you know someone who is working on a project and could use another pair of eyes or hands? Call a family member. Send a text and ask around. I’m sure they’ll be grateful and you’ll be kept busy.
  • Lastly -work. I remember once working at job where we were short-staffed (I think that’s been every job) so ten days out of two weeks, I worked 12 hours straight. I was so damn tired that I didn’t even get a chance to think about being pregnant or not. If overtime isn’t allowed, think of ways to improve your work space. Explore different possibilities. Think outside of the box. You’ll be surprised just how far you’ll think with just that one leap. 

The two week wait is the hardest. It seems as if you are alone in this journey which leaves you alone with your thoughts. Those worrying thoughts will stress you out. I know it’s hard but get your mind on something else. Take a deep breath and tell yourself you got this. Cassandra, you got this. Everything will work out. Just listen to the meditation music, thank the Universe for the 11:11 and breathe. You got this. (Yes -all of that just happened. I multi-task.) Until next time…

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