5 songs that can set any mood

Anybody who knows me know I love music. I love all kinds of music as long as it moves me in some kind of way. Today at work I listened to Prince, Hendrix, The Roots, The Counting Crows, Bon Jovi and Alanis Morissette. Like so many people, I feel music. It boggles my mind just how music can affect someone’s soul. I still get goosebumps listening to Purple Rain. Music has a way of taking you to that place that helps you get through the next path. Whether you are mad, sad, angry, feel like dancing, feel like boxing or just want to sit and listen, I’m sure that right now, on your playlist, you have a song for that. Songs that get you hype, make you think, make you cry -I can give you a song for that.

Because I love music so much, I’m going to be as objective and short with this list as much as possible. As hard as it may be, here are five songs that help me through the good and bad days.

  • I mentioned Alanis Morissette earlier. Her first album Jagged Little Pill came out when I was in middle school. Obviously I couldn’t appreciate the masterpiece that it was at the time. I just knew You Outta Know was an angry chick song and when I have a break-up, I need to play that. Now, at 35 listening to Ironic or Hand in My Pocket, I immediately feel like my life has transformed into an instrumental with someone else speaking. If I need cheering up, I turn on Alanis.
  • When you think hype song, DMX might come to mind. Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott -hype artists. (Can you tell I miss 90s music?) For me, I’m weird because one of my hype songs is Tainted Love by Soft Cell. I will jam to that all day long. That and Love Shack!
  • For the moments where I’m thinking, driving and thinking, cleaning and thinking or just trying not to think so much, This is the Life by Wendy and Lisa is my go-to. On one line, they say “I’m still here.” For any situation where you feel like you’ve been defeated or that things are going right, you can still say that you’re still here and that you will keep pushing forward. Plus it’s very reminiscent of Purple Rain.
  • The first time I heard Wicked Games by the Weeknd, it immediately sparked something in my brain. At the time, I was trying to write my fourth novel and hit the writer’s block hard. Nothing was coming out and when it did, it was pure gibberish that I couldn’t decipher. I heard Wicked Games and was quickly drawn to it. I downloaded it and listened to it almost daily. It was raw. It was honest. It was dirty. From then on, I was hooked on his music.
  • Lastly, I cannot describe such a list and not put this song –Off the Wall by Michael Jackson. Everything I need to feel happy, dirty, funny, energetic –all in this song. It keeps me hype and laughing. I have a better day when I hear this song.

I have so many more and I might list another five songs later. I want to hear from you though. What song(s) helps you with certain situations or moments? When the baby is screaming and the husband is fussing, what song do you listen to that calms your nerves? Name a song that your circle would be surprised to know you like!

Until next time…

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