The Royal Wedding & the Lesson I Received

I watched a few minutes of the Royal Wedding today. Meghan looked wonderful. Her mother looked beautiful. I especially loved the 19 year old cellist! That was a beautiful sight to see. When watching it, it made me think. What would Meghan today tell her 10 year old or 13 year old or 16 year old self about her life now? I couldn’t imagine that conversation; telling your younger self that you just married a royal and you are an actual princess. Meghan probably didn’t plan it. It probably wasn’t on her bucket list but here she is.

Life doesn’t always go the way you think it will. You might have a clear picture in your brain. You might have a life plan written out with every single detail and will try to do everything in your power to stick to that plan. Things do not always work that way. I always thought I would be the ‘know it all’ wife and mother. ‘Know it all’ meaning I would have all the answers or solutions and that things would run smoothly and every situation would always have a happy ending. I honestly looked at being a wife and a mother like I look at my job. You’re trained on the basics but you get the jist of your job on your own and before long, you will excel in it. You may have a couple of snags but you got this. Truth is marriage and being a wife comes with a daily test and being a mother, you’re tested every five minutes. I have learned something everyday about my marriage and about myself.

I know I’m not the perfect wife or mother but I’m okay with that. I’d rather be the crazy one or fun one or a momster at times. I think I’m getting a little better each day. My husband still half laughs at my corny jokes and my son still chews on my locs with love so I think I’m good. You reading this -you are too! Shatter that picture of what you think the perfect mother should be or how your life should be and appreciate your life now. Let your life flow the way it supposed to. The life you plan might not be the life you have. Love all of it.

Motherhood is truly trial and error. Appreciate the good and bad moments. Laugh at yourself and your mom fails. It happens. It will happen. If you focus on the bad, you might miss something good. Until next time…

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