It’s OK to Be You

It is really easy to compare yourself and your life to the next woman. Why does she have that and I don’t? Why does she get the things she has and I’m not even close? I’m a nice person and live the best way that I can. Why don’t I? Why can’t I? What’s wrong with ME? I’ve asked myself those questions many times, particularly when trying to conceive. You’ll see women with three, four or five children and wonder why the Universe wanted her to experience that and not me. I wish I knew the reason things are the way they are. I know that every path is different and there is a lesson to be learned on each one. For me (and I have to preface that because I am speaking from my journey), I damn near lost everything and was forced to appreciate everything I had. I appreciated it before and was grateful but it’s nothing like missing something when it’s gone appreciation. Before the nine months of growing a child, nine months prior to that, I had to lose all I had in order to grow myself. I had to clear away all of the BS and the stress and there peering through was the happy place. I finally found it. For other women, I can’t tell you how things will work out but I know they will. You cannot compare yourself to anyone. Your soul, your journey, your path was built for you and only you. You were not created in this beautiful form to be like anyone else. If so, why are you here? You do have a purpose, whatever it is and when you see it, you’ll have that Aha moment! The light will go off and you stare into space and damn like I did. On a side note, this post wasn’t just for the person reading it right now. I also wrote this for the person who is writing it. Peace and love my people.

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