Embrace your Inner Crazy

Once upon a time, it was all nice and good to be Miss Betty Sue with the apron and heels and the 24 hour smile. Sometimes I want to be her. It always seemed (on TV) that she always had it together. The husband and the household were taken care of and I will admit that it was enticing. What happened though when Betty Sue got frustrated? What happened when she just felt like saying Bobby, make your own bologna sandwich and Robert, fix your own damn drink! When did she ever just lose her mind and say I need a breather. She never did and that’s when you found Bobby’s pet bunny in the pot on the stove.


Becoming a new mother brought on feelings of doubt, fear, and joy all mixed in with a little bit of psycho. When I had Xavier, my eyes took a life of their own. Quickly darting across the room when some unsuspecting soul would dare ask the question ‘Can I hold the baby?’. You want to be nice and not be the too clingy and controlling Mom but you don’t know these people. Sure, they’re family but so what -you are a new mom. Mama Bear who has to take care of their cubs and will do it however you see it best. Embrace your inner crazy. So what that you haven’t made dinner in three nights in a row. You are exhausted from trying to feed the toddler with a spoon that you can barely hold because it’s small. Then when you give it to said toddler, food flying across the room says you are done with the sweet peas. It’s time for some solids. Embrace your inner crazy. Miss Betty Sue with the apron may have looked like she had it together but deep down she’s screaming inside for just someone to say ‘Do you want some help?’ At least when you unleash your inner crazy, they already know and might offer the help.


P.S. I have no problems with the Miss Betty Sues. Just don’t kill me…or my bunny. unleash your (1)

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