The Guilt Baggage with Trying for #2.

Why can’t you be happy with just your one? It took forever. Why are you trying again?

First I was being asked on a daily when is number two coming. Then after I tell people how long it took to have our one, then they ask me the above questions. My husband and I do want to have another child. If we do, great. If not, great too but it’s nobody’s business why. Then I started thinking like I always do. What if we get pregnant and our first gets jealous? What if my second pregnancy doesn’t go as smoothly as the first one? What if something horrible happens all because you wanted a second one? Will my husband and I have enough energy for both? Now that we’ve been trying for 5+, sometimes I wonder if we should stop since it hasn’t happened yet. Then I think only time will tell.

Ladies, did you feel like this when trying for number 2? Do you have any advice for those in this situation.

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