Sleep Training at 15 Months?

I know -sleep training at what age! I know -pure craziness but let me explain. First when he was first born, I was thinking I just want him close to me so he slept on me on the couch. He would sleep and it was easier to breastfeed because he was right there. We did that for three months. Then we moved to my bed and he still slept on me. When he reached six months, I put him in the crib and for about two weeks straight, he was sleeping his crib. I was nervous at first but it was fine. Then he started teething. All hours of the night were screams of utter terror and on the second night of that, I picked him up and had him sleep with me. It was good for awhile. He slept through the night. I occasionally slept and I didn’t have to worry about the Boogie Monster grabbing my child in the middle of the night. I know -new mom syndrome.

When my husband and I decided to try for a second child, a lot of thoughts ran through my mind and one of them was you have to get your son in his crib or else you’re going to be pregnant with a kicking octopus in your bed and you WILL end up falling off the bed. So after three different times of trying the popular methods, you know -begging and pleading, the Ferber method, the chair method and the cry it out method, we ultimately did the cry it out method. I was totally 100% against it and the first night was the hardest night ever. My husband and I held each other, cried, prayed to the Universe, asked for forgiveness and hoped that our child wouldn’t hate us. When I tell you though that it is working. Today will make it a week that he has been sleeping in his crib all throughout the night. Tonight he went straight to sleep. No tears.

Now if we can just figure out how Mommy will sleep. New or old school moms -what are some ideas do you have for women now getting used to having her bed back?

You can read more about how it worked in my post Breaking My Spirit and Co-Sleeping,

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