Why I call Myself a Hippie

I found on the article 12 signs You are a Modern Day Hippie which happened to be published on my birthday, I am 10 of the 12 signs. I accept others. I love the outdoors (to an extent. I don’t want to camp or hike but I’ll garden, do outdoor yoga and meditation and go to parks). I do want peace. I do like vintage things. I did return back to my natural hair and then started Locs which are now GREEN 🙂 I would say I have a pretty simple wardrobe. I very much read into things trying to find the deeper meaning. It did mention meditation like I said but since becoming a mother, there were things I didn’t know were considered as ‘hippie-ish’ like breastfeeding, co-sleeping longer than expected and supportive of hemp products. These things were pointed out to me from other moms. I took it because I saw it as a compliment. I must admit I was surprised about the breastfeeding one. The only things I don’t or haven’t done is buy and eat everything organic and drive an energy efficient car.

For me, being a Hippie means that I control my thoughts, my ambitions, my desires and my future. I manifest daily and express gratitude. I’ll catch myself daydreaming and reach those Aha! moments. I am surrounded by dream catchers. I believe that speaking life into existence is the ultimate truth. And…I respect and honor Mother Nature in all of her facets. The beauty of growth and prosperity is all around us if we just pay attention.


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