I thought I was tired before…

Before having a child, I was a horrible sleeper. Not only do I wake up on every sound, but I have to completely comfortable before falling asleep. What is completely comfortable? I can’t sleep if my shirt or shorts are crooked. I can’t sleep in stud earrings because the pressing of the earrings on my skin annoys me. If I’m hot, forget it. I get agitated and bothered and I must fix all of these things before I can fall asleep. My husband can sleep anywhere anytime. His only stipulation is that he needs the temperature to be on Antarctica. Other than that, he doesn’t hear anything, feel anything -he is out. When I found out I was pregnant, keeping my eyes open was one of the hardest tasks to do. I would sit down on the couch and then realize five hours had passed. I couldn’t believe it. That of course because it was  me,  only last for a few weeks. The rest of my pregnancy, I was still waking up at every sound and my husband slept. 
Now a year later -true sleep is non existent. Granted, my son is  co-sleeping with me. That’s my answer, right? Get him in his own bed and I’ll be able to sleep. Although I don’t believe that, I  am trying to get my pillows and bed back. My Co-Sleeping Ain’t Easy post will crack you up for sure. I guess the old saying goes ‘Can’t miss what you never had.’ 
When I look in the mirror, I look so exhausted. I thought that I was tired before. Silly Cassandra.
Were you surprised on how tired you were? Did you look at your face for a few minutes wondering what day it was or how many bags can your eyes hold? Tell me I’m not alone. 

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