Getting Stuck with Toddler Constipation

Constipation as an adult is horrible. It’s time-consuming. It’s painful at times. It makes you feel like you’re about to pop a blood vessel. It sucks. For the first time, my 14 now 15  month old experienced it and it was not fun at all. Not only was he teething but he couldn’t poop and what a horrible combination it was. Quick back story -his pediatrician advised that we needed to stop giving him formula (and go cold turkey on the bottle) and to start giving him cow’s milk. I had my own reservations about giving him cow’s milk with all of the steroids and chemicals but researching the alternative wasn’t coming up with good results. So we proceeded with the milk. For four days, he was getting milk on top of baby food and food food. Come Friday, after having meatloaf, mac n cheese and a bottle of milk, he was stuck…literally. Plus his molars are coming in so he was screaming at the top of lungs in pain and grunting in agony. It was just horrible to watch. SN -I gave 4 oz of prune juice hoping it would help.
4:30 AM comes and once again, he’s awake crying and I’m awake pleading for the pain to go away on both ends. I took him from the bed to the living room thinking to myself maybe if I rock him, he’ll go to sleep. Score one for Mom because after five minutes, he was knocked out. I sat down on the couch and he got more comfortable in my arms. I tried to shift and he whimpered. Mentally I yelled CASSANDRA DO NOT MOVE. I sat there still so he could sleep. Then I realized the predicament I was in.
Here I was at 4:30 in the  morning. I’m sitting in an uncomfortable position so my tearful son can sleep. I didn’t think to grab my phone. I can’t move to grab the remote that’s on my left or the stick of Slim Jim that’s sitting on my right and my stomach is growling…and I have to pee.  I was ‘stuck’ with toddler constipation. I am going to check this under #momfail 😊

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