Co-Sleeping ain’t easy!

When trying to conceive, I read hundreds of books about pregnancy, life after baby, keeping the spark alive in the marriage, the change with family and friends -I read it all. I mean just because I couldn’t get pregnant didn’t mean I wouldn’t so I wanted to be prepared. I have learned that motherhood is definitely not cookie cutter and when something comes up, I won’t (and haven’t) remember much from those books. One of the big subjects is co-sleeping (having the baby sleep in the bed with you). When reading the books, I understood that it’s dangerous because so tired, I could roll over on the baby and smother them. I decided to have him sleep on me because 1-the closeness  and 2-I’m such a light sleeper that the slightest sound or movement, I would wake up and I did. I fortunately did not have any issues. Now he’s 15 months and sleeps in between myself and my husband. We have a Tempur-Pedic bed with the split mattresses so while Xavier can sleep with me, husband doesn’t hear or feel anything on his side. At first it was cute with the cuddles and snuggles. Now I’ll wake up with a foot in my throat, an elbow in my chest, or his entire body laying across my neck. Believe me when I say that co-sleeping ain’t easy. Now I always said before I got pregnant that I will never be that parent that has her child sleeping in her bed when they’re 4, 5 or 6 or older. Well, we’re at 15 months and I’m envisioning that unless we have another child, he will be on my side of bed forever.
SN: I have tried the crying out method. Hated every second of it. I just need to take a week off just to sleep train. Not take a vacation but to sleep train.

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