Current Mood: Tully

I happened to see the movie trailer for the upcoming Charlie Theron movie “Tully” and teared up the first couple of seconds. The movie tackles the great and not so great levels of motherhood. She’s a mother of two and now has a newborn while trying to keep things spicy in her marriage. A friend suggests that she hires a night time nanny. In all of the years of trying to have a baby with reading every book on parenting that i could get my hands on, I have never in my life heard of a ‘night time nanny’. They basically come in and take care of the newborn so the new parents can get some sleep. I’m not sure if I would have opted to hire a night time nanny because I agree with the main character when she said ‘it sounds like a Lifetime film. Nanny comes in, loves the family, then kills the family and kidnaps the baby.’ I completely would think that would happen and so to avoid all that, I will live off two hours in a week. No big deal. The nanny does get hired and from the looks of the trailer, she shows our main character a great perspective on motherhood. Not that she didn’t have it like all of us mothers. It may or may not had been clouded from trying to stay awake and pretty and energetic and sane and fun. Whoops. I started talking about my life. Listen. My husband and I had tried for four years before the Universe graced us with our beautiful child so I am still so very much in love with being a mother. I hope that I am blessed with another and I’m sure that I will be singing a different tune when Xavier and Jasmine (team girl for number 2!) are teenagers talking about how I don’t understand them because I’m so old and out of touch. That is why this movie is so important and a must see for me. Whenever you’re going through something, you always feel like you’re the only one going through it. I knew very well that I wasn’t the first new mom or the first woman trying to figure everything out or the first wife trying to hold on to the little pretty she has left under a laundry of chaos. I knew this. To see a clip of when she had just pumped four oz of breast milk and to see it all spill out, I gasped out loud and whimpered inside. I felt every bit of pain through the screen. I  must see this movie and when I do, I will come back and tell you as much as I can through all the emotions. Until next time…


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