5 ways to De-Stress

I have wanted to be a mother for so long and it is everything I could imagine. Motherhood is joyful, beautiful, lively and blissful but I must admit, there are some split seconds where I will gladly pull out every and each single one of my green Locs, lie them in a circle on my living room floor, crawl inside said circle and tell everyone that this is my happy place and to leave me alone. I cannot and will not do that but sometimes life takes you there. So until I plan a cruise (Norwegian, quit sending me emails!), I do these 5 things to de-stress and return back as the fun giggly mommy and wife:

  1. Meditate/yoga -I practiced meditation and yoga pre-baby and still love both to this day. I have my Buddhas and yoga mat and crystals on one side of a room. The other side of the room is Xavier’s play room. When he’s preoccupied with his trucks and blocks, I steal a couple of minutes doing the Downward Dog or practice my favorite mantra.
  2. Dancing -Another pre-baby activity that my son has also adopted.  When I want to scream or if Xavier is actively screaming, I turn on some Janet Jackson or Motown and we get down with our bad selves. It helps with losing the calories of wine too *insert wink wink
  3. Sit in my car -This one is mainly a result of a bad day from work. First -being a working mother is crazy all in itself. You are truly working two full time jobs. At least, being a wife, I could say ‘Hey honey. I’m going out with some friends’ but that’s another post. When I come home, before I go in the house, I need to make sure that I let go of the day. I sit in the car, take a couple of deep breaths, yell out a couple hundred swear words and shake it out.
  4. Laughter -Laughing goes a long way. I’ll make up a funny song. I’ll turn on an old episode of Living Single on Hulu. I’ll read corny jokes and make my husband laugh at them whether they’re funny or not. I laugh at myself probably a hundred times a day. It’s therapeutic. It’s calming. It helps.
  5. I wouldn’t be honest with you or myself if I did not include alcohol. Pre-baby, I enjoyed several drinks at one of my favorite bars. Now, I don’t have the money, time, energy or tolerance to even try to consume several drinks. At home, when Xavier goes to sleep and it’s been at least an hour, I will sneak a glass of wine and gulp it down like it’s water and look at the glass that we’re meeting for the first time. I whisper to it ‘…until we meet again’ and let it go for another two or three months.

Mommies (and daddies) -how do you de-stress? I would love to try something new.

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